DC&Co helped Canvs create a new branding identity language for their company.

Canvs, whose sole mission is rooted in scaling understanding of human language, measuring emotion, and accelerating consumer empathy, needed a visual brand that reflected our values and identity.

The "Insight Burst" shown below represents the empowered market researcher and the "burst" of insight & knowledge gained from the Canvs platform.

What we've done

  1. Full rebranding of the visual identity
  2. Implementing the new brand across all marketing assets and channels (social, collateral, website)
  3. Font selection
  4. Color palette creation
  5. Logo identity
Full logo design

Rebranding and creation of style guide (fonts, colors, logo)

Created a visual narrative graphic to visually represent a "burst" of insight

Examples of how the "insight burst" is implemented

Examples of bringing the brand together with color, fonts and imagery

Created a full icon library (warm and cool colored versions)

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