DC&Co helped Silverfort create a bold, new branding identity and templates. The new look was in response to the company's desire to show off its innovation in the technology space — the new look features colorful, unique, and attractive graphics that make them stand out from the rest of its competition.

What we've done:

  1. Refinement of branding
  2. Implementing the new brand across all marketing assets and channels (social, collateral, website)
  3. Font selection
  4. Color palette creation
  5. Collateral templates
  6. Involved in the design and branding of the new website

Branding book, including new icons, color palettes, and typography guides.

Silverfort produces many one-pagers for many different solutions.

White papers are among one of the several types of documents that inform customers about their ability to protect against cyber threats

eBooks are a popular way of producing long-form digital assets for customers to read on the web

Case studies are important to any brand to share successful business stories
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