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Immersive Labs Partners with DC&Co for Brand Design Consistency and Scale.

About Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is a leading expert in cyber workforce resilience. Through live simulations and hands-on training labs, the Immersive Labs platform tests the skills of technical and non-technical teams to ensure they can respond to cyber attacks.

The platform also gives executives data to show where workforce cyber capabilities are both strong and weak and offers employees real-life cyber exercises to address cybersecurity knowledge gaps.

Immersive Labs operates in the US, UK and EMEA markets and is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations, including Citi, Pfizer, Humana, and the UK Ministry of Defense.

The Brand Design Challenge

As a fast-growing company evolving into its next growth stage, Immersive Labs was eager to expand its brand design. However, the marketing team didn’t have the internal designers to deliver brand assets that could scale as needed.  

Immersive Labs had already worked with DC&Co on a project basis. But the company soon realized it needed to partner with DC&Co to establish a uniform look and feel for various asset types.

“We looked to DC&Co’s design expertise to help us show brand consistency and scale our marketing assets,” said Kevin Carter, Senior Director, Marketing Communications and Content at Immersive Labs.

The Brand Design Solution

The three main goals for the partnership between Immersive Labs and DC&Co were:

  • Update Immersive Labs’ brand with new colors and graphics and apply brand design guidelines across all marketing collateral.
  • Scale and speed up production of assets to keep pace with Immersive Labs’ growth.
  • Update old brand documents and templates to help ramp up Immersive Labs’ content marketing program.

Carter credits the collaboration between DC&Co and Immersive Labs’ internal UX designers and marketing team in eliminating inconsistent and disparate brand assets and establishing a more holistic brand across all collateral, from white papers to event banners to social media images.

“DC&Co built design templates so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time,” said Carter. “For instance, DC&Co developed a standardized approach for our social media posts, allowing us to continually show up on social channels as one brand.”

The Brand Design Results

While this kind of a brand design partnership doesn’t lend itself to hard business metrics, DC&Co has delivered on Immersive Labs’ goals of scaling and accelerating brand assets, said Carter.

“DC&Co has ramped up our design production from a handful of assets per month to dozens of assets,” he said.

Specifically, Carter points to how DC&Co worked with Immersive Labs’ internal UX designers to create new layouts for sales decks, data sheets, webinars, whitepapers and event collateral and templatize them so they can be recreated effortlessly. 

These collaborations were not only able to update brand assets, but were an opportunity to have deep discussions about Immersive Labs’ vision for cyber workforce resilience.

“In working together to solve design challenges, we asked questions about the company’s vision,” said Carter. “And we’ve applied brand values and vision to design in a significant way.”

“DC&Co’s value isn’t about one amazing infographic or white paper … it’s more about having brand design applied over different assets consistently with a polished and professional look.”
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